Our Mission

We believe in holistic coaching — which embraces both depth and breadth — with an interdisciplinary lens. Athena encourages students to deepen their theoretical knowledge and address practical issues confronting society, both locally and globally. Over the years, we have built the most potent counseling program in India for admissions into the world’s top universities.

Our acceptances rate to elite universities is the best in India. Athena students have received admission into countless colleges, including every Ivy-League, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, Caltech, UChicago, etc.

The Challenge


Students apply to Harvard every year


The international acceptance rate for Harvard and other top universities.

You need something that differentiates you from the other


Why Athena?

100% results

Virtually all Athena students are admitted into top-20 colleges across the US, UK, and Canada

Personal Mentorship

We provide bespoke mentorship; our guidance counselors conduct weekly check-ins with every student, providing project guidance as well as inspiration

World-Class Mentors

Students work closely with mentors who are the at the top of their game, all spectacular coaches and writers. It's an enriching learning experience

Selective Program

We keep the student-mentor ratio low, thereby ensuring a personalized experience for each Athenian

Our Results

Princeton University

Harvard University

Columbia University

Yale University

Brown University

Dartmouth University

Cornell University

UPenn University

Stanford University

Cambridge University

UIUC University

Caltech University

UCLA University

Duke University

Johns Hopkins University

Imperial College London University

Georgia Tech University

NYU University

Northwestern University

MIT University

University of Chicago University

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