A Case for High School Research

By Moksha Agarwal 2021-06-18

You’re sitting at your desk, scouring the “World Energy Outlook” for the latest numbers on global electricity demand, wondering why the hell am I writing a research paper? A valid feeling for a seventeen-year-old, but we are here to convince you otherwise. Here are five reasons you should invest in writing a research paper during high school:

Learn how to ask questions: Asking good questions is a skill that people take years to develop. You can get a headstart by writing a research paper while you’re still in high school. Through our thoughtfully designed research program, you’ll not only learn how to ask questions but also what questions are worth asking. 

Learn how to find answers: Unless you’re super comfortable with uncertainty and anxiety, asking questions just isn’t enough. You also need to find answers. Our research mentor will introduce you to both primary and secondary sources of data collection, they’ll also help you design your study and analyze its results. 


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Polish your argumentation skills: The ultimate goal of research is to expand the collective knowledge of humankind. While it’s important to ask the right questions and uncover the hidden explanations, it’s also important to share these findings with others in a convincing manner. As you write your research paper, our mentor will provide tips on how to present your thesis and engage with counterarguments in a clear and precise manner.

Develop in-depth knowledge about your subject: At the end of this process, you’ll find that you’ve amassed a wealth of knowledge about your subject. The literature review alone can help you take stock of the dominant theories and narratives of your domain. It can also enable you to find gaps in knowledge or potential areas of exploration, thereby fueling your desire to learn more. As you dig deeper, you’ll also realize that your subject is connected to others in a range of intuitive and unintuitive ways.

Looks good on that CV, yeah? A seventeen-year-old with a published research paper? That’s impressive, to say the least. It not only speaks to your curiosity and dedication but also shows the admissions committee that you’re ready to take on the academic rigor of college life.