A Totalitarian Tête-à-Tête

By Tara Chandhok 2020-11-27

The prompt: Choose a character from a book, movie, or TV show; through the eyes of the character, provide an opinion on an important current event!


A Totalitarian Tête-à-Tête


Cersei Lannister strode into the Oval Office. A cacophony of news anchors, ringing phones, and shouted orders greeted her ears. The din of the television and click-clack of keyboards failed to mask the hushed whispers of staffers, terrified that news of the dismal election projections would reach their leader. In the center of it all, one sweaty, squat man sat hunched over his phone. Surrounded by fast-food wrappers and sauce-stained documents, Donald Trump fumed. 

Most aides wisely gave Cersei a wide berth. A menacing glare from her was enough to send the unfortunate Secret Service agents scuttling. In one glance, she deemed Trump, just as she had everyone she’d ever met, worthless. Cersei was reminded of that fool, Robert Baratheon. Ignorant, dumb, and blind to that which he didn’t wish to see. Replace the soda in Trump’s hands with mead and they’d be brothers.  

“Why Cersei,” he leered, “don’t you look sexy...for your age of course”

Cersei’s lip curled as she spat “Always a brute you were, Donald. Now you’re a loser too.” 

She interrupted an inevitable tirade against voter fraud and Antifa: “Ah-Ah-Ah Donald, I’m here to counsel you. You are weak. You want everyone’s love. What you haven’t understood is the power of fear. Already, your cronies here defect, denouncing your actions and all you stand for. The only way to keep your people loyal is to make certain they fear you more than they do the enemy. Rally after rally, and you haven’t even killed anyone yet. Pathetic.”

“But Cersei, you forget! The media claims 700 COVID deaths are linked to my rallies.”

“Yes, you are worshipped by many. But what you need is to be feared by all. Demolish your enemies. This Nancy Pelosi, she vexes you, no? Have her taken care of. You fail to take advantage of your resources. Exploiting the science of your time is crucial. A nuclear weapons arsenal, or the equivalent of one, is an asset  I have found useful in King’s Landinga bit of wildfire works wonders. Scientific knowledge will make you a man who does what he will, not what he must. Put that degree your father bought you to use.”  

Furious, Trump hurled his cheeseburger at Cersei. A single slice of Kraft cheese slid down her face. 

“No wonder everyone mocks you,” Cersei riposted. “You’re a laughing stock among your so-called allies. Putin, Bolsanaro, Kim Jong Un- you think they respect you? Pshaw! They have more respect for the democratic process than they do for you.”

“Well? What’s your great idea, huh? How can I get any respect with the mainstream media manipulating public perception of me?”

“Donald,” Cersei sighed. “It’s simple. Start a civil war. Make your citizens believe you are their only savior. Rally your subjects, your white supremacists, your Proud Boys, your Nazis, prime them for attack. Weaken the “libs” and cross enemies off your list.”

“Well Cersei,” Donald sniggered, “you make some excellent points. I’d believe ya.. If you weren’t a woman!”