The Athena Story

Athena was founded seven years ago by two Princeton graduates, Poshak Agrawal and Rahul Subramaniam. Both are passionate about India’s growth story and aspire to transform its educational landscape.

Athena is a culmination of this dream: helping students do better and be better through holistic education.

Poshak Agrawal
Rahul Subramaniam

Our Founders

Poshak graduated from DPS RK Puram, where he graduated in the top 1% of his class. He received a 100% scholarship from Stanford and Princeton.

Rahul went to high school in Fremont, California. He received perfect SAT scores and got into every Ivy League to which he applied, finally choosing Princeton over Harvard.

Our Team

Jared Griffin, Lead Writer
Philip Probasco, Senior Writing Specialist
Arushi Kuchhal, Counseling Manager
Rahul Mishra, Manager: Sales and Enrolments
Aditi Agrawal, Manager - People & Culture
Prishta Grover, Business Strategy Associate
Aamina Rahim, Writing and Counseling Associate
Dikshita Goel, Counseling Manager
Tarishi Bahlwal, General Manager - People & Culture
Sobia Abdin, Writing & Counseling Associate
Vandanee Ramani, Writing & Counseling Associate
Himani, Writing & Counseling Associate
Soumya Suri, Associate - People & Culture
Chandra Chandhok, Senior Writer

Life at Athena