Personal Mentorship Program

9th Grade

Our focus in 9th grade is to build a strong foundation for the student by intensively engaging with various interests the student may have.  

10th Grade

Our focus in 10th grade is to help students identify the confluence of their interests, strengths, and goals.  

From selecting subject combinations to conceptualizing deeply meaningful projects, our team of specialists has got you covered!

11th Grade

Our focus in 11th grade is on building an arsenal of accomplishments before the rigor of the final year sets in. We motivate students to immerse themselves in a range of academic, extracurricular, and impact-oriented projects, providing a comprehensive timeline suited to the student.

We also help students identify which standardized tests they should take and when.

12th Grade

Our focus in 12th grade is to build upon existing extra-curricular and academic activities/proficiencies and to guide each student through the entire application process.

At Athena, we conduct one- to-one brainstorming sessions for each essay, and adopt an iterative process that culminates in a thoughtful and unique narrative. Our specialists also carefully vet applications and help students truly stand out.

Define Goals

Outline Strategy

Monitor Progress

Our Approach

Athena is personalized, process-driven, and excellence oriented. We understand the challenge—we’ve done it ourselves!

We tailor our expertise to best fit your individual journey. Our team of writers, counsellors, and subject specialists helps you identify your personal vision and build a path right up to it.

Counseling Process

Student’s Interests, Strengths & Goals - AoS & Deep AoS

Autobiography of a Student - The AoS

The AoS, a set of exploratory questions, aims to understand the student’s activities both inside and outside the classroom.

Deep Autobiography of a Student - The Deep AoS

Athena calls the Deep AoS process, “digging for diamonds.” The Deep AoS aims to understand the student’s journey and how their experiences, influences, and dreams have shaped their pursuits.

Application Theme & Strategy (ATS)

The ATS is a comprehensive 10+ page report that serves as a blueprint for the student’s holistic profile. Every ATS is based upon the AoS (Autobiography of a Student) and the Deep AoS.

By creating a comprehensive strategy and execution framework for the student’s annual academic milestones, capstone projects, and internship experiences, we transform ideas into unique, tangible output, thus creating true value.

Capstone Projects

To truly stand out from the crowd, we believe that each student must undertake unique, interdisciplinary projects and initiatives that not only channel their creativity and skill set, but also create a strong social impact.

Through the course of Athena’s Personal Mentorship Program, each student will be guided across one or more capstone projects that require consistent engagement throughout the year.

1-1 Counseling

Quarterly Strategic Planning Meetings

Each quarter, we schedule a strategy meeting with the students and their parents to check-in on progress and carve out next steps for the coming quarter.

Biweekly check-ins with a guidance counselor

Each Athena student is guided through the entire program by one of our experienced specialists.


Athena Workshops are an opportunity to gain a deep understanding of crucial skills such as research writing and critical thinking. These workshops also equip students with the tools they need to execute capstone projects optimally.

Workshops are also offered online.

Examples of Student Projects


The Physics of Fanfiction by Ish Kaul

DPS Vasant Kunj '18

Princeton University '22

Boys Will Be Boys Better, by Vedika Sharma

The Shri Ram School Moulsari ‘20

UC Berkeley ‘24

Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now, by Anusha Celly

The Shri Ram School Moulsari ‘20

UC Berkeley ‘24


foodsamurAI, by Avii Ahuja

DPS Faridabad ‘20

UCLA ‘24

India Story, by Avantika Khanna

The Shri Ram School ‘20

Cambridge University ‘23

Provide Her, by Eesha Shekhar

DPS RK Puram ‘20

UPenn ‘24