UK Application and Dates

By Ashwin Malik 2021-09-09

Brace for impact scholars! We are about to enter the zero-hour of the UK admissions cycle. Now before we touch down, let’s sift through our database and make sure that we are well equipped for the landing.

Note: Through this leg of our voyage, we will charter movement through time and not space.

The time map with ad rem directions is laid below. Let’s ensure we are well versed in the dreaded deadlines.

September 7, 2021:

  • You can start submitting your applications through the UCAS Hub. 

October 1, 2021:

  • Registrations open for any pre-interview assessments for Oxford/Cambridge applications.  

October 15, 2021, by 18:00 (UK time): 

  • Deadline for submitting your complete application, along with academic references, for any programs at Oxford and Cambridge. 

  • Deadline for applications for most programs in medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine/science at all UK universities. 

December (specific dates yet to be confirmed):

  • Cambridge/Oxford interviews of short-listed candidates. 

(Interviews this year will be held online.)

January 26, 2022, by 18:00 (UK time):

  • Deadline for applicants for the majority of undergraduate programs. This deadline is applicable for programs that do not have application deadlines in October. Applications submitted after this date won’t be given equal consideration.  

February 25, 2022: 

  • Extra starts for eligible applicants. 

*Extra: Extra is another chance, between February 25 and July 4, for you to gain a spot at a university or college. If you exhausted all five of your university choices in your original application and you have not received an offer, you will be able to add another university choice to your list using the Extra option. 


  • Students who have applied to universities in the UK can expect to receive most of their admissions decisions by March, that is, if they meet the January 15 deadline.

 June 30, 2022: 

  • Deadline for late applicants for the majority of undergraduate courses. (We would highly recommend you to adhere to the January deadline!)

Let’s keep this map handy and circumvent any predictable hindrances in our journey. Bon Voyage, young Scholars! Through applications and beyond!